Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gucci 8-8-2008 Watch

Gucci 8-8-2008 limited edition watch. "Its clean digital face (which features both numerical or clock hand formats), black dial and steel frame epitomize sporty elegance. The surface of its red monochrome rubber strap is engraved with the Gucci logo on the exterior, while the interior has been embossed with Gucci's iconic GG pattern."

props selectism

I need to step up my watch collection. After getting one of those phone watches I posted previously this would be my next purchase.


I havent coped a pair of Sb dunks in a while but the Lobster dunks are cool idea with the different reds and the rubber band on the front.

Joe Johnson Crossover

Im not really a Celitcs fan but i think they have the best chance to rep the eastern conference in the finals. With that said they need to stop this guy and Leon Powe is not the answer.

Nike Always Has The Best Commercials

I'm not even a soccer fan and this commercial is dope.

Monday, April 28, 2008


NES Cartridge System

After just two decades of electronic progress, someone has actually designed a Nintendo Entertainment System that is the size of an NES cartridge.

Popular console modder and DIYer Kotomi has created the Fami-Card, which uses a now-vintage 8-bit Super Mario Brothers cartridge for a housing for a full NES player. A Chinese NES emulator is used for running the games, and there is room enough for a full-functioning cartridge slot, video audio out, reset button, and even ports for the joysticks.

Too bad that this Fami-Card isn’t on sale anywhere, and you might be hard-pressed to find those old-school NES games.

Why Didn't I Think of This?

LG’s LTM9000, which is simply a microwave oven with a toaster attached to it. Considering that most of us use the microwave and the toaster in the same room, it really isn’t rocket science to put the two together. I’m sure you’re probably wondering why you didn’t think of such an obvious improvement to the kitchen.

The Floyd vs 50 Cent Fight

Lupe Fiasco's Next Album Could Be His Last?

Recently he told MTV Base that he was 85 percent sure his next LP would be his last full-length solo set.

"I don't want to say I'm 100 percent sure, like, 'Yeah, this is it.' But 85 percent," he revealed. "That 15 percent is the X factor. That could be bills. Like, 'Lupe, you got to pay the bills.' 'Oh, man, I got to put out another album.' "

Fiasco says that the wear and tear of the music industry has taken its toll on him, physically and mentally. But he insists that he hasn't lost the passion for making music, just for the business of putting it out.

for more check here

A Little About Estelle

Welcome Back Halle

Sometimes pregnancy has its perks.(no pun intended)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Jordan Brand is 0-2 This Month

This idiot Josh Howard decides to let everyone know on Micheal Irvin morning radio show that he smokes weed in the off season.( He looks like he blazed in the pic above) Maybe he blazed during the finals with a couple of mental lapses that helped my homie DWade get his ring.

Dallas Mavericks forward Josh Howard is facing disciplinary action after admitting he still smokes marijuana during the off season.

Howard first made his marijuana use public last summer and he confirmed to the The Dallas Morning News last weekend that he continues to use the illegal drug.

In an interview with 103.3 FM in Dallas on Friday, he expounded on his comments to the Morning News, stating among other things that "everybody in the media world and in the sports world knows that NBA players do smoke marijuana.

First Melos DUI now this, Chris Paul is the future for the brand if he stays clean.

Capone N Noreaga ft Clipse- My Hood

Jay-z Blow the Whistle-Deshawn Stevenson Diss

Jay-z Blow the Whistle - Deshawn Stevenson Diss

It started with Deshawn Stevenson talking that ish after a game and said that Lebron James is overrated.

James said responding to Stevenson "would be like Jay-Z saying something bad about Soulja Boy."

So Jay having a little fun decides to make a record.

The DJ at Love gave the microphone to Cavaliers reserve Damon Jones. Jones allegedly made some unsavory comments about Stevenson and the Wizards, according to people in attendance. And just before 2 a.m., the song was played. It was played five times.

After practice, Gilbert Arenas had a priceless reaction to Jay-Z's verbal onslaught against Stevenson. "It's Hova," Arenas said. "It's the big dog. It's not like it's somebody else. If I had three people to talk about me in a song it would be Jay-Z, Michael Jackson and Prince. And Tupac and Biggie, let's be for real. Jay-Z had the time. That means he sat down somewhere, three minutes out of his time he had to write something."

Stevenson said he is also upset that a D.C. area club would allow a diss record to be played about one of its local players. "We're in D.C. If we did that in Cleveland, they wouldn't do it. So, I'm boycotting Love. Everybody on our team, we're boycotting Love and Park. We're not going no more," Stevenson said. "But I appreciate Jay-Z for giving me the shout out."

You have to love the playoffs and the funny thing is with the Cavs up 3-1 in the series Deshawn is getting a little shine. I just hope that Soulja Boy keeps his mouth shut about the situation cuz going at Jay might end his career.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Carmelo in a Crooks Suit

Imagine a Lawyer walking into the court room with a Crooks Suit that would be crazy.

Ghetto Blaster Reissued

Time to bust out those Adidas jump suits and gold chains, folks. The ‘80s are back on track with Lasonic's (yes, that Lasonic) new i931boombox, a re-issue of the classic casette-based TRC-931 ghetto blaster with some newschool tech in the mix. Now with an iPod dock, you can pop and lock to your favorite Kurtis Blow tracks without having to sort through all your old mix tapes and B-sides. Solid.

Supported USB flash disk and SD/MMC card to playback MP3 files
Enjoy your iPod without earphone
iPod control and charging
Watch video on your TV if using iPod Video
Good reception Tuner function (AM/FM/RBDS)
FM 20 preset stations and AM 20 preset stations
Show RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System) text on
LCD display
Alarm to wake up and sleep function
Accurately real time clock display
Separate bass and treble controls
Powerful speaker sound system (12W x 2)
EQ adjustment
Volume level indicator
AUX IN for extension function
Headphone jack output
Microphone input and volume/echo adjustment
Full function remote control
Using AC power or batteries for operation
iPod is not included


Nike has partnered with New York retailer Dave’s Quality Meat for a limited release of the Nike Blazer Hi. Originally released in 1973, the Nike Blazer Hi is Nike’s first Hoops shoe, becoming a pioneering basketball sneaker. “This style was one the [DQM] team of Chris Keeffe, Dave Ortiz and myself all agreed was iconic, as well as being a sneaker we’d not yet had the opportunity to work with Nike on,” said DQM’s Kyle Demers.

The Nike x DQM Blazer Hi will be available this summer in three colorways, at select retail accounts.

For More Info

Where Have You Been?

Mya Harrison

Free Money

Those of you eagerly awaiting your tax rebate checks will rejoice at the Treasury Department's announcement that they're depositing the checks ahead of schedule. Their original announcement stated that May 2 would be rebate check opening day, but they've updated their schedule with the early start date of Monday, April 28.

Last 2 of SSN / Date Check Will Be Sent

00-20 April 28
21-75 May 5
76-99 May 12

I need some extra dough right about now.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


When I was in LA a couple of weeks ago they were working on the store. I'm a little pissed with the timing because i definitely wanted to check it out. I guess its another reason to go back.

props highsnobiety

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stussy Sunglasses

All the sunglasses are 100% Italian handmade with high quality metals and cellulite acetate. All lenses are shatterproof and also provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. There is a total of 11 different model types.

For More Info check Stussy

Meet Wale

Wale- The Perfect Plan

Check the interview at XXL
and check Skyzoo and Wale in the previous post.

Remember This - Q-Tip Lets Ride

Semi Pro Bear Kills a Trainer

The grizzly bear that wrestled Will Ferrell's character in the recent film "Semi-Pro" seemed to obediently follow cues — which made its killing of its trainer with a bite to the neck all the more stunning.
Three experienced handlers were working with the grizzly Tuesday at the Predators in Action wild animal training center when the bear attacked Stephan Miller, 39, said San Bernardino County sheriff's spokeswoman Cindy Beavers.
I'm surprised things like this don't happen more. Its a Bear I don't care how much you train them they are Bears only and idiot would get close enough to a Bear to be attacked or even eaten by a big ass Bear. You couldn't pay me enough money to do a movie scene with a wild
animal. Yeah everything starts off cool then they want a snack, no thanks.

Start Your Day Off Right

The Yuno PC is a new personal computer concept designed to help you get the most out of your morning without holding you back or constraining you to a desktop PC. Everyone has their own routine, what they read, watch, listen to, and of course drink. The Yuno PC mug incorporates all the important morning alerts such as weather, time, traffic, stocks, and more on its touchscreen display. You can also display your own images as a screensaver if you just want to relax. It lets you enjoy the morning the way you deserve to, stress free and highly caffenaited.

I need one of these. Imagine taking this to the workplace and everyone is drinking out of those ugly mugs they bring from home and your getting your stock updates from your mug thats crazy.

props Yanko Design

This is Kinda Cool

The Walk - Dont Walk chair is built from authentic New York City signs. What is cool is that the signs still work via a remote control. The remote control is included which allows you to switch on and off the signs when needed. Power is provided by a standard 115V wall outlet. Bulbs are standard too making them easy to replace when needed. The legs of the seat are made from steel street sign brackets and are galvanized and fitted with self levelling feet.

The Walk - Dont Walk chairs are each built by hand and still contain all the scuffs and stains of living in New York for a number of years. If the old beat up signs do not take your fancy then you can opt to go for a squeaky clean look which will see the chair completely resprayed. The seating surfaces are made from one inch thick polished resin glass which sits on a felt suspension.

Shipping is the killer here as it will take around 14 - 16 weeks for delivery although a price tag of $3700 might be considered more of a killer.

Props to John Smoltz 3,000 Strikeouts

I've always been a Braves fans since the early 90's.I used to go to a game every summer, when the Tomahawk chomp was done by everyone in the stadium and when they had Deion Sanders, David Justice, Tom Glavine, and of course John Smoltz.

Congrats to John Smoltz he became the 16th pitcher in major league history to reach 3,000 strikeouts when the Atlanta Braves' right-hander struck out Washington's Felipe Lopez in the third inning.

Smoltz, 40, received a standing ovation after Lopez swung and missed on a 2-2 pitch for the second out of the third inning.

Among the 15 pitchers ahead of him on the 3,000 strikeout list, Smoltz reached the mark faster than all but Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Nolan Ryan, Curt Schilling and Roger Clemens.

more info

The Roots ft Wale and Chrisette Michele - Rising Up

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

J Wheels Presents Jay-z & Pink Floyd The Pulse Of An American Gangster

Jay-z & Pink Floyd The Pulse Of An American Gangster
I caught up with my homie J Wheels and he gave me a few copies so if you want a hard copy(no homo) come through Commonwealth. If you cant get to the store click the link for the free download.Check the myspace page cuz this dude lives in the studio and hes always working on something. J Wheels

Visvim Logan Deck Lo's

Visvim released some new shoes, Logan Deck Lo's, for their 2008 S/S Collection. The shoes come in multiple colorways, all are very complimentary colors such as beige, black, and white. The styling of the shoes are also very classic, with details such the red handwritten Visvim logo on the back of the sole.

props Chapterworld

These are so clean.

Beijing Car Show

This large 2-door coupe features swoopy styling that Geely hopes will set it apart from its Chinese rivals.

The dropped front snout of the car features a split grille that has holes rather than traditional slats or mesh. The headlamps are nestled in fenders defined by sharp character lines that sweep upward and then back down into the doors. The rear haunches have a similar curve to them with large taillamps that come to a point just above the center line of the rear wheels. The greenhouse features two small rear quarter windows for the rear passengers in this 2+2 coupe.

The rear-drive Tiger GT is powered by a 3.5-liter V-6 producing some 225 bhp and 340 lb.-ft. of torque. Geely says the car is equipped with a multilink suspension and that it rides on 19-in. wheels and tires.

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Aka Sloan McQuiwick from HBO's Entourage

Watch Phone How Dope is This

This Van Der Led WM2 watchphone is a quad band GSM, and it has some very interesting features including a 1.3 inch 260K TFT touchscreen, an FM tuner, 1 GB worth of
storage, stereo Bluetooth, and USB data transmission. It has a stand-by time of 240 hours, and a talk time of up to 300 hours. It even has a 1.3 Megapixel camera.

The Van Der Led WM2 watchphone costs about $475, its available on the Van Der Led site

Another One

This M600i watch mobile phone comes with features like a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera, touchscreen hand writing messaging, MP3/MP4 player, Video recording, Bluetooth connectivity, and an Internet browser. Its support of extensible microSD memory cards makes it a good for your next phone choice. This Dual band 900/1800MHZ mobile phone can be used for worldwide except North America. Call your cell phone service provider to confirm.

Save the World with Solar Powered Charger

The Universal Solar Cell Phone/iPod Charger will charge your iPod and mobile phone in less than 3 hours when exposed to direct sunlight! Small, light, and extremely portable, the Universal Solar Charger Kit can fit in your pocket for easy transportation to almost anywhere.

The kit includes the Universal Solar Charge, 1 mini USB cable, 2 interchangeable iPod adapters, 5 interchangeable mobile phone adapters.

iPod Adapter compatible with: Apple iPod, iPod Shuffle, iPod nano, iPod Mini

Interchangeable mobile phone adapter compatible with: Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Motorola, and Blackberry.

And unlike other solar charging stations , this one is actually somewhat affordable at only $89.99.

Things like this will save the world I need one.

props Eco Geek Living

Flying Camera For Those Hard To Reach Places

Aeryon Labs of Waterloo has released the Aeryon Scout, a brand new invention which is still in its prototype stage. Four connected foam rings, each 30cm in diameter with a rotor inside make up the Aeryon Scout. A camera is hidden in its underbelly, where a “quadrotor” is controlled by a remote control and can fly into places where it’s too difficult, dangerous or time-consuming for ordinary folk to go and snap a few shots.

Imagine one of these in the hands of the paparazzi and hovering over your fav celeb the pics would be crazy.

props New Launches

Skateboard P - Is On Some Other Ish

Ok it started off cool then midway through P started to be P and started talking that crazy ish. We all know these guys smoke how else can you be spaced out of your mind and come out with the sounds these guys use.

Gucci Moccasin

This Gucci Moccasin is outfitted in white suede, red calfskin, and black fabric.
I like the colorway but im sure I wont like the price but its Gucci so its all good.

No Layups In The Playoffs

Remember the Pistons with the Jordan Rules.
The Wizards have adopted the same philosophy with Lebron no layups.

Crooks X Mosley Tribes

The Crooks & Castles’ empire continues to expand and now they are scheduled to release a pair of sunglasses in conjunction with Mosley Tribes. The sunglasses are set to drop in the Summer months of this year, so more or less just a few months away, and you may have already seen them on Jay-Z as he was spotted wearing a pair over dinner at Katsuya in Los Angeles.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall was a pretty funny movie. Some scenes catch you off guard so be prepared to turn your head. Not as funny as Super Bad but Mila Kunis is a good reason to watch to the movie.

Skyzoo- Lyrically Inclined ft Wale

Skyzoo- Lyrically Inclined ft Wale

New Jada

Jadakiss-From Now Till Then

Jadakiss-What Goes Up