Thursday, February 26, 2009



Brick Wall

Damn! then big man went down the court and hit a three. Why does it look like the dude in the suit is kissing him.. pause.

Recession Buster

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The New Issue

Kinda of a Big Deal

For fans of the Clipse, the Virginia rap duo's upcoming third album, Till the Casket Drops, is a big deal, indeed. So it was with great pleasure that I ventured out tonight to hear the album's first teaser single, the appropriately titled "Kinda Like a Big Deal," which features a guest spot from Kanye West and should be released for public consumption on March 9.

That vibe starts with the beat, a burner courtesy of DJ Khalil that opens with a blazing electric guitar lick before falling into a wicked sampled organ, guitar, and drum groove. Pusha T leads off with some vintage braggadocio: "The third time's the charm/After two classics, another stripe upon my arm." Pusha also finds time to crow about "how it feel to blow a hundred thou in a recession/With no second-guessing." Recession rap this ain't. Next up is Kanye, who delivers a swaggering verse that will remind listeners of how great he is when he actually raps. If Kanye's lyrics comparing himself to "the black Marshall, mixed with Jay" are any hint, maybe he's planning to get back to rapping full-time soon, lord willing.

Sounds like another classic in the making just hope it drops when its supposed to.
taken from EWeekly

Is He A Bully?

"How are you a bully if you are not picking weak individuals" true story

Friday, February 6, 2009

Damn! Broken Ankles

I didn't stay up to the watch the game because most Utah games are boring.

Sunday, February 1, 2009