Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Real Life Karate Kid

School fights used to be the best cause you got joked if you lost. Getting knocked out like this on camera will definitely hurt you rep forever.

Felony Fights

Who needs UFC when you can have felons fight each other in a cornfield.

Bad Working Enviroment

Whats that Move Called

If I was a judge I would have fallen out of my seat laughing.

Get a Grip

Leave it to the professionals its not for everyone.

The Devil Made Him Do It

Where is the Holy Ghost when you need him? God should have warned him or at least told him to duck.

Look Both Ways

This cant be real but when I watched it a second time I saw the womans reaction and it looks real.

Remember this

Put On Remix with Hova

Put On Remix ft Jay-z
Classic Jay talking that shit.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Margarito over Cotto 11Rd TKO

It was obvious that Margarito was coming on when he landed an uppercut in the seventh round and Cotto staggered and had to hold on. As the crowd went wild, Margarito was landing right hands. Cotto, when he finally got away from him, began spitting blood onto the canvas.

Finally, in the 11th round, Margarito's freight train arrived at the station. He rocked Cotto with a combination, forcing him to smartly take a knee.

Cotto was in bad shape, and Margarito knocked him down again on the other side of the ring. When he rose to take referee Kenny Bayless' count, Evangelista Cotto climbed up onto the ring apron.

The fight of the year candidate certainly put itself into the pantheon of memorable matches between Puerto Rican and Mexican fighters.

taken from ESPN

Ludacris- Politics


Big Pooh- With You

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

IN4mation G Shock

I'm getting mine dont sleep.


This is Hillarious. Candace Parker has to understand these chicks hate that she is getting all the attention and for a female basketball player she doesnt look half bad. And good acting by Lisa Leslie to fall when Rick Mahorn barely touches her. If this happened more often I might watch womens basketball.........probably not.

Air Force 1 x Questlove

Air Force 1 x ?uestlove coming in two colorways - one featuring a gold toe box matching the swoosh and the regular version coming with a red toe box.

District Fresh Commonwealth DC

District Fresh - Commonwealth boutique from ABB VIDEO on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Anna Lynne McCord

Part of the new 90210 Cast. Is it me or does she resemble a young Charlize Theron.

Friday Night Fights Knockout

Dude gets knocked out around the 3:55 min mark.

This Is Messed Up

The Spirit MovieTrailer

Its going to be crazy and why does Samuel L Jackson always look extra crazy in his latest movies.

Anderson Silva Pound for Pound Best MMA Fighter

Incase you missed it.

Kardinal Offishall feat. Clipse - Set It Off

Monday, July 21, 2008

Future of Baseball Stadiums

Cisco Field will become the Oakland A’s new baseball stadium when the Green and Yellow say goodbye to Oakland Alameda County Coliseum in 2012 and when it does come online, it will be doing so literally as their sponsor, Cisco Systems, will be wiring all 35,000 seats with wireless interactive touch screens. Fans will be able to look up stats, keep score, and even order a beer or hot dog directly through the interface.

Next there wont be a bad seat in the house because you wont have to look up at the game you could watch it from your seat.

Alife X Q-tip Lyrics to Go Tee

Dope Tee now only if Alife could get their tee shirts to fit right.

Entourage Season 5 Teaser

Sept 7th is the date when there will actually be something worth watching on t.v. and my life can be restored this is show is the best show ever and I hope it stays that way.

Re-Up Gang- Money

Re-Up Gang- Money
Album should drop in a few weeks.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

J Wheels Beat Showcase

Just a few beats from my homie J Wheels. Check out his blog for more info JWheelsBlog

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Farnsworth Bentley ft. Kanye West, Andre 3000 & Sa-Ra - Don’t Stop

Ryan Leslie - Diamond Girl Short Film

Nike SB Dunk Marge Simpson

The shoe’s colorway features Marge’s yellow skin tone, blue hair and green dress. The Dunk’s are allegedly limited only to a Asia/Pacific release.
They needed just a little bit of red and it would have been complete.

Jose Canseco Gets Knocked Out

Finally someone had a chance to knock this snitch out even though it was for charity.

N.E.R.D. - Spaz Video

Monday, July 14, 2008

Miss USA Falls Again

The Previous Fall By Rachel Smith

There must be something in the water. Because they make walking in line look so difficult.

George Bush Is An Idiot

We all know this but just watching this is just plain embarrassing.

Please Edit

Check out the Anchors reaction right after the clip, he tried to play it off someone got fired for this.

Chad Hugo Reps VA Beach

In a recent Converse Ad.
Its good to see someone actually rep where they are from really, not just say it on stage to please the hometown crowd like one of the other members of N.E.R.D. If you from VA Beach like i am you know who im talking about.

Best of Turtle

Award for Best Weedcarrier.

Johnny Drama

Best of Ari Gold Season 4

Can't wait for the next season.

50 Inch Vertical

Chris Lowery

My Game Is Made Outside Nike Commercials

Lebron James

Paul Pierce

Amare Stoudemire

Jason Kidd

Kobe Bryant Nike Signature Moves

What Are You Thinking?

See more funny videos and funny pictures on CollegeHumor


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

Nike Clark Kent 112 Pack

The pack consists of the Air Max 1, Air Force 1 and the Air Trainer 1. On all three shoes, the iconic elephant print is combined with some 3M and neon yellow detailing.

They should drop tomorrow

New Original Fake at Commonwealth





Produced by Medicom Japan, the 4ft Companion is available in the Grey Version, and features five points of articulation. Don't miss your chance to own this gallery quality piece from one of our generations most promising artists..

For More Info Call 757.622.3372 Norfolk or 202.265.1830 D.C.

www. cmonwealth. com

Dwade On Next Season

Messy Jesse Jackson WTF Were You Thinking?

Nas Response to Messy Jesse

It seems like old head Jesse is hating just to get attention again.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nas- Sly Fox Video

Old Heads Fighting Roy Jones vs Calzaghe

When Wales' Joe Calzaghe defeated Bernard Hopkins for the light heavyweight championship April 19 in Las Vegas in his first fight in the United States, there was one spectator perhaps more interested than anyone else inside the Thomas & Mack Center.

Roy Jones Jr., the former undisputed light heavyweight champion and pound-for-pound king, was ringside working as an analyst for the British radio broadcast of the bout.

At the postfight news conference, Calzaghe said he might fight only one more time before retiring and wanted it to be against Jones.

Joe Calzaghe's 175-pound championship is on the line in September's bout at Madison Square Garden.

Jones, who was present and was coming off a career-resuscitating Jan. 19 victory against Felix Trinidad, said he also wanted the fight.

Now, after the past several months of talking about the fight, it's a done deal, John Wirt, CEO of Jones' promotional company, Square Ring, told on Tuesday.

Calzaghe (45-0, 32 KOs) and Jones (52-4, 38 KOs) will meet for Calzaghe's 175-pound championship on Sept. 20 (HBO PPV). The site will be New York's Madison Square Garden, where Jones dominated Trinidad en route to a unanimous decision.

"The deal for the fight is done," Wirt said. "We're finalizing with the Garden."
taken from espn

Lets hope for Roy's sake it doesn't end like this

Crooks X Billabong

Crooks & Castles together with Billabong teamed up together to produce a set of board-shorts featuring some of Crooks & Castles’ iconic print. One hundred instances are available exclusively at the Crooks 8021 Flagship store on Melrose.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Saturday, July 5, 2008

This is How You Get Got........

Damn...I know this is old but my cousin showed me this yesterday some rapper named Joey Jihad gets knocked out and gets his car robbed.The camera man sucks so check it our around 2min mark.

words of advice from Mos Def "Got"

"This one goes to all them Big Will cats
With ice on they limbs and big rims on they Ac
You goin' around town with your system bump
And your windows cracked low to profile and front
Now I like to have nice things just like you
But I'm from Brooklyn, certain shit you just don't do
Like, high postin' when you far from home
Or like, high postin' when you all alone
Now, this would seem to be clear common sense
But, cats be livin' off, sheer confidence
Like "Fuck that, picture them tellin' me run that"
But acting invincible, just ain't sensible
It's nineteen ninety-now, and there's certain individuals
Swear they rollin' hard and get robbed on principle"

Murda Mook vs Joey Jihad

Barocky and The Empire Strikes Barack

Friday, July 4, 2008

Tinker Hatfield on the Air Max

Thank Carolyn Davidson

Davidson designed the swoosh in 1971 while a graphic design student at Portland
State University. Phil Knight, who was teaching an accounting class at the university, noticed Davidson working on an assignment, and asked her to do some work for what was then Blue Ribbon Sports, Inc. Needing to choose a logo in order to meet looming production deadlines, Knight settled on the swoosh, after rejecting various other designs. At the time, he stated of the logo, "I don't love it, but it will grow on me."

For her services, she billed the company $35. The swoosh became an instantly-recognizable insignia for Nike around the world, and Davidson continued working for what was now Nike, Inc. Eventually, the design demands of the company grew beyond one person's capacity, and she turned over her duties to Nike's new advertising agency.

One of the most known symbols in the world only cost $35 dollars to create.

The Ebony 25 Black Cool Covers

Obamas Cover in previous post.

Where would Nike be without Pre?

Steve Roland Prefontaine (January 25, 1951 – May 30, 1975) (nicknamed Pre) was an American middle and long-distance runner. Prefontaine is considered to be among the greatest and most inspirational runners of the modern era by many of his fans. Prefontaine helped inspire a running boom in the 1970s along with contemporaries Frank Shorter and Bill Rodgers. Born and raised in Coos Bay, Oregon, Prefontaine was primarily a long-distance runner who once held the American record in the five distance track events from the 2000 meters to the 10,000 meters.He is known for his extremely aggressive "front-running" racing style and for always believing in giving a full effort. Prefontaine died at the age of 24 in a car accident.

Following high school, Prefontaine enrolled at the University of Oregon to train under coach Bill Bowerman (who in 1964 co-founded Blue Ribbon Sports, later known as Nike shoe company.

In 1964, Bowerman entered into a handshake agreement with Phil Knight, who had been a miler under him in the 1950s, to start an athletic footwear distribution company called Blue Ribbon Sports, later known as Nike, Inc.. Knight managed the business end of the partnership, while Bowerman experimented with improvements in athletic footwear design.

Bowerman's design ideas led to the creation of a running shoe in 1966 that would ultimately be named 'Cortez' in 1968, which quickly became a top-seller and remains one of Nike's most iconic footwear designs. Bowerman designed several Nike shoes, but is best known for ruining his wife's waffle iron in 1970 or 1971, experimenting with the idea of using waffle-ironed rubber to create a new sole for footwear that would grip but be lightweight.

Most people have probably seen the movie about his life "Without Limits" and shows the birth of the Nike Running Shoe.

Mr July (Independence Day Classic)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Naledge- One Lonely Beat

Naledge- One Lonely Beat

The Cool = Obama

The essence of cool

16 year Old Player Signs with Oakland A's

Oakland A's signed a 16-year-old named Michel Inoa on Wednesday. Along with his $4.25 million bonus, Inoa got an Anglicized name, Michael, and a ticket to the Dominican Summer League, where he can add weight to his lithe 6-foot-7 frame, throw his 94-mph fastball, unleash his polished breaking ball and work on his changeup.

“Most 16-year-olds are in 10th grade,” said Chris Buckley, the Cincinnati Reds’ scouting director. “This guy compares very favorably to the top high school pitchers in this year’s draft. No. He’s probably more impressive.”

If you can believe this guy is really 16. Remember that kid from Cuba that played in the little league world series and was supposed to be like 14 and ended up being like 21 or something.

Disturbia Review

Of course I didn't see this when it came out but I caught it on HBO last night. I missed the first few minutes but it picked up and turned out to be OK. It had my girl jumping with the suspense and I wont lie it caught me off guard a couple times. Even Stevens is trying to take over the game.

Meagan Good

Is it me or does she look like she is a little twisted in every photo.