Sunday, July 27, 2008

Margarito over Cotto 11Rd TKO

It was obvious that Margarito was coming on when he landed an uppercut in the seventh round and Cotto staggered and had to hold on. As the crowd went wild, Margarito was landing right hands. Cotto, when he finally got away from him, began spitting blood onto the canvas.

Finally, in the 11th round, Margarito's freight train arrived at the station. He rocked Cotto with a combination, forcing him to smartly take a knee.

Cotto was in bad shape, and Margarito knocked him down again on the other side of the ring. When he rose to take referee Kenny Bayless' count, Evangelista Cotto climbed up onto the ring apron.

The fight of the year candidate certainly put itself into the pantheon of memorable matches between Puerto Rican and Mexican fighters.

taken from ESPN

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