Thursday, July 3, 2008

16 year Old Player Signs with Oakland A's

Oakland A's signed a 16-year-old named Michel Inoa on Wednesday. Along with his $4.25 million bonus, Inoa got an Anglicized name, Michael, and a ticket to the Dominican Summer League, where he can add weight to his lithe 6-foot-7 frame, throw his 94-mph fastball, unleash his polished breaking ball and work on his changeup.

“Most 16-year-olds are in 10th grade,” said Chris Buckley, the Cincinnati Reds’ scouting director. “This guy compares very favorably to the top high school pitchers in this year’s draft. No. He’s probably more impressive.”

If you can believe this guy is really 16. Remember that kid from Cuba that played in the little league world series and was supposed to be like 14 and ended up being like 21 or something.

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micAh! said...

I heard about this shit on sports radio yesterday morning.. they said this lil' nigga is like a fuckin god in the DR!