Monday, November 30, 2009

Becoming Jaded...

"If you did it I done it before, You get it I had it, I got mad at it and don't want it no more" Hovi Baby - Jay-z

It happens to the best of us. You may see something for the first time and think its beautiful or amazing, over time you start to look at it differently and it becomes less and less amazing and becomes something normal to you. It happens alot with relationships or just items that you once valued. For example if your dating a stunning beautiful woman, her beauty to you can often fade because you see them everyday until someone else shows interest. Once that happens it makes you feel a certain way when in fact you should feel that way all the time. The same can be said about a job or valuable items. Everyone is always on the search for whats new sometimes its best to value what you have...because once that item is gone, you might have a hard time getting it back...I'm trying to work on appreciating things like a blind man that gets his vision back..eyes wide open

I'm Focused...

I'm focused like Peyton Manning...(Colts still undefeated)

You may have a set play but when the defense(haters) are trying to stop you its best to read and react call an audible make adjustments and keep it moving.

If your focused nothing can block you from your goal...

Winter Fitness

During the winter months its best to stay in good shape. Since it gets dark at 5:30 might as well spend more time in the gym. I love working out because its you against yourself on your own time. Stress and other things happen during the course of a day. A good productive workout is the best way to turn a negative into a positive. Its amazing how much better you feel after a late night workout or an early morning jog...its good for the heart and the mind.


Blogging is my therapy...

Its always good to express whats on your mind with no filters...

Investing Time

"Time waits for no man"

I watched something on TV about how you invest your time. If you had a certain amount of money put into your account everyday and at the end of that day anything that you didn't spend would taken out of the account and you would be left at zero.

How would you spend that money? The same thing can be said about your time, we are given the same amount of time everyday how we use it is up to us. You don't get a refund on time no matter what. Focusing on things or people that don't matter is a waste of precious time. Being negative and angry is a waste of time and energy. It opened my mind to things that I waste my time with and from this day forward I'm trimming the fat on alot of the bs that takes up my time. If someone doesn't value your time why should you value theirs or even waste time focusing on them. In the long run it will be their loss because once your focus changes they are no longer needed. So in the end its best to invest in one else unless their investment is equal to yours.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Classical Music

"Fuck this rap shit I listen to classical" - Baatin

Lately I have been listening to classical music.No bullshit my radio is set to classical, I feel like I'm in the Godfather or some movie scene when I hear it. Its relaxing and you don't know what to expect next with all of the instruments that are used. Some of the stuff I have heard lately is dope...Don't sleep on real music that takes real talent and practice...anybody can you use fruity loops.. Im just sayin..


Why is it that women with no ass want to dance to Baby got Back...thats an oxymoron..fall back step your squat game up...Im just sayin I saw a few of those tonight...smh

Ackward Eye Contact with Someones Ex

If you have ever been in the same room or the same club with someones ex you know what im talking about. You don't know each other personally but you have seen them in pictures or heard about them. Its crazy because they look at you like you are the problem. I look at it like this I'm not the problem your wack ass is so when you grit on me my only response is to laugh. You lose keep it movin....

The Steve Nash aka (No Look Dap)

Tonight my homie Tommy aka The World is Yours pointed something out to me. Have you ever given someone dap but you don't make eye contact. I think I Steve Nash (famous for the no look pass) them and give the them the no look dap more often times than not. Im not sure if I do it on purpose or not, but when you think about it its kind of funny because from an outside point of view it looks "whats good son I know you so keep it movin"...LMAO

Bad News

So after a long day at work on Black Friday... I get the news from my parents that my ace, my ride or die "bitch" so to speak aka Hawaiian Sophie or just plain Sophie my dog has been diagnosed with cancer. My initial reaction was fuck that and I was pissed off because I felt helpless to the fact that I know that we will have to put her down. I actually shed a tear and the day that we actually have to do that her will be like losing a friend. All I can do is enjoy the time I have left with her the sad thing is she has no idea whats going to happen to her... this shit know that day will come but you never look forward to it...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This is the number one rule for your set
In order to survive, gotta learn to live with regrets
On the, rise to the top, many drop, don't forget
In order to survive, gotta learn to live with regrets
This is the number one rule for your set
In order to survive, gotta learn to live with regrets
And through our travels we get seperated, never forget
In order to survive, gotta learn to live with regrets

Regrets suck...So many things that I wish I did different...

You can't let a regret run or ruin your life, you have to turn a negative into a postive...easier said than done.

Next year Im going to try to make the fewest regrets I risk no reward

Good Deeds...

Its that time of year again to get into the holiday spirit. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and Christmas music is starting to play on the radio and you hope the weather gets cold for the chance of a white Christmas. All of that means nothing if you are a greedy person who is all ways on the take. During this time of year you can see who has a good heart, some people may not have wealth in their pockets but their heart is rich with love. I enjoy doing good deeds for people and expecting nothing in return. Its always been my character to make someone laugh or have them enjoy themselves around me. Anytime you can help the less fortunate you build good karma that hopefully will return to you in some sort of blessing...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Summit Kenna and Lupe

For a good cause...Kenna is good peoples watch all 4 episodes this is part 1.

Chess Games...

Once my pops taught me how to play chess I was addicted to it until I finally beat him(he was a sore loser).Chess is a game that matches wits and you have to think ahead that's why I enjoy beating an opponent in the least amount of moves possible.

I enjoy saying checkmate and watching someones face when they realize they have been defeated...priceless

although playing a computer sucks...

Secret Society

"It's a secret society, all we ask is trust"- Get Your Mind Right Mami- Jay-z

Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, "enlightened". I have always been curious about the Illuminati or Freemasons.

They say Jay is a member it would make since...Is it really a diamond he is throwing up... it looks like a pyramid to me but throw ya diamonds up sounds cooler..

Regardless the idea of some ultra beyond wealthy people running the world is scary yet interesting...o wait thats called government..smh

Be Careful..

Have you ever had a friend that asks you a question your not sure they want a true answer to. For example they are going through problems with their girlfriend and they need advice on what they should do...It can be a sand trap because if you are too truthful you might piss them off but then again you are supposed to be a friend and look out right...

The Fiasco

For the most part I can say I have been a Lupe fan and I'm glad to see he is back to work. I know he took a step back after the "Tribe fiasco" . With that said the tracks I have heard off of the new mixtape "The Enemy of the State a Love Story" sound like he is back on his grind. Real lyrics need to be the focus again...

Below one of my favorite Lupe tracks We On.

Hold Up

Before everyone jumps back on the Vince Young bandwagon heres a few things..

Yeah he is a gifted athlete and can change the game at anytime but he still is a headcase in progress. So ok the Titans were garbage at the beginning of the year noted, but Vince is playing in somewhat meaningless games so the pressure for him to preform at high level really isn't there. These commentators kill me with how quick they hop back on a QB's nuts...fall back let his play over time speak for itself. Once he believes the hype again and stumbles what next...

If Lifes a Bitch...

If Life is a bitch, Insomnia must be a motherfucker...

I hate not being able to sleep it fucks your whole day up.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I Wonder...

From guess who coming to dinner...

Makes me wonder how it was when my grandparents first met my dad...(6-4 white dude with a fro)..wonder if he had to pass any tests..I guess he passed because almost 30 years later he is still standing.

Marriages..they don't make them like the use to, true story.


Question: Why are you blogging again?

Answer: Its fall/winter and it gets dark at 5:30..really no other reason why.

P.S. You can put your hand down now.

(I swear thats a picture of me when I was kid minus the juice in his hair)

Going to a Club Sober...

Never Again...

Its pointless, going out to just to be out is fine but I've noticed that I can't be at a club sober because I've noticed the following things.

The dude that bumps into you and is hype at every song the DJ plays..smh sit your ass down.

The way women are dressed in the club, I mean can you save something to the imagination classy greater than trashy...any day

The drunk chick that stumbles around and tries to dance with every guy in the club. After she probably threw up in the bathroom 10 mins earlier..smh

The bouncer that is looking for something to pop off because his job is boring.

The dude that is looking for something to pop off because he is drunk and his crew is there so he wants to be a tough guy.

The wack shit the DJ has to play so that lames can do cornball dances.

Just to name a few...


Desire... where are you when I need you most?
Can't you tell the way I long for you?
I think it's unfairly wrong of you teasing me like you do baby.
Could it be you do it just for fun, when you know I am the only one?
Cause you know you are the only one I...- Desire Raheem Devaughn

What you want and what is good for you are often on a different page and sometimes not even in the same book. Desire can hurt and also help depending on your point of view.

If you desire to be the best at everything good for you, if you desire the perfect woman good luck to you...

Regardless following your dreams takes alot of heart mixed with desire...

Ready for Thanksgiving...

"Good dude - I know you love me like cooked food"- Song Cry

It snuck up on me this year but I'm still ready for my mom and aunts cooking they don't play around.

The only thing I hate is smelling good food and you cant touch it until everyone is there, but once I grub I'm out of commission..

PS. My moms mac n chesse...heavenly

Minka Kelly...Another Reason I Hate Jeter

I dislike anything that deals with the Yankees...reasons why need an entire post.. maybe later

I don't hate Jeter for the championships, or the unlimited supply of Jordan's, and its hard to hate on a Mulatto( like myself) .

But the list of women that this guy has been associated with makes it easy to hate just a few Jessica Biel, Gabrielle Union, Vanessa Minnilo, and even Mariah Carey and Minka Kelly...not familar with her work but she looks good none the less.

Jeter do me a favor sit your old ass down. Im just sayin...

Empire State of Mind at the AMA's

For the record one of my least favorite songs on the album...

I don't mind looking at Alicia Keys though..

Still waiting for a video for "Thank You" Im sure it will never happen but you can always hope.

No Confidence...

Wheres your swagger at?

Over throws, poor decisions, and INTERCEPTIONS...

When you start to play scared your not the same player that is a so called franchise QB.

Better luck next year....Damnit!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Entourage Needs to be On Year Round

My favorite show is going to be showing re-runs on Spike Tv starting in Jan. Season 6 was ok with this classic ending...sundays aren't the same without it. Maybe one or two good seasons left before its all said and done.

Matt Damon is hilarious.."Its fucking 5 lines man"

Floyd Mayweather talks about Pacquiao

"When my career is over I have a job as a commentator" LMAO

Illa J- "We Here"

I didn't know they made a video for this song until I saw it on tv at friends house about a week ago. This is probably my favorite song off of the album...I can zone out and just listen to the instrumental on repeat.

Reebok Easy Tone Commercials = Sex Sells

I saw these commercials and was kind of shocked. Its like soft porn... You know its a problem when I was going to post this and Youtube had me sign in because it said it may not be appropriate under 18...LMAO

Doctors say this may benefit some women with noassatall...Im just sayin

Slaughterhouse - Microphone

So who's the illest - what you talkin 'bout?
(Die Hard) like you Bruce Willis when I shoot to kill it - Royce Da 5'9

I like this track...The video is dope

Previous Cats...

See now I'm not to blame for the pain
That was caused by previous cats, yeah
Who had your heart before me, girl no
I'm not to blame for the pain
That was caused by previous cats
You gotta see me for me- Previous Cats Musiq Soulchild

Don't you hate it when that happens...or in some cases you might have been that dude...She was a good girl until you or (some other dumb ass) fucked her head up. Now every time you do something or try to prove your some how different its an up hill battle. A mentally strong female can be attractive if she uses her mind right..but in most cases her heart is locked up like fort Knox, if you get in its golden but most attempts fail because some other dude made her increase her security...(hence the chris brown photo)
You can't fix the past you can only affect the present that allows you for a better future..Real talk

Mind Frame

"Changing the picture in my frame of mind"- Me

Mental growth is very important to me. From time to time I like to challenge my self mentally. Looking at a problem from different angles and finding the best solution that is rational and logical is something I enjoy. As I have gotten older I have realized that I need to go back and finish school. I like to have results asap and waiting 2 or 4 years for some paper to tell me that I accomplished something was never appealing to me. That frame of mind was some what immature and lazy. Its time for growth in my pockets and in my just figuring out what to go back for....2010 I'm ready...LETS GO

I Love Sundays...

A typical sunday for me is relaxing with my family watching football and listening to some good music. The importance of having a good sunday sets me up for the rest of my week. For whatever reason sundays seem longer and my moms cooking always taste better(or hooters wings).

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Skyzoo Salvation

In all honesty, plannin on how to leave
Is just more proof of the fact that I'm all out of me
Just more truth that exactly the way I tried to be
Was either too much or not enough
No middle ground, so to talk to you and pen it down
Is not as easy no more, I think different now
The idea of tellin you what I wouldn't repeat
Only for you to be wrong is what I couldn't believe
Ran to you anytime I was lookin for me- Dear Whoever

Still on rotation...Get familar

When Will You Learn...

"Too many bitches stuck up from too many sexual advances
No question; Jay-Z got too many answers "- 22 two's

If you do the same thing every time you get the same results. For example one of my boys always goes out and complains about only meeting "bar girls" attention seeking women with no substance. Every week its the same thing or same plan. LEARN your lesson, stop chasing them chase money instead. A good girl is hard to find and chances are your not going to meet them at club and if you do keep her out of the club...Im just sayin

"Sloan Searching"...

If you resemble Sloan from entourage aka (Emmanuelle Chirqui) you are getting mad love in the streets right now..The term "Sloan Searching" has been coined. Just last night we had girl bar tend the party and the first thing a few of my homies said was she kinda looks like Sloan I was dead weak it was a little bit of blasphemy but, it was hilarious none the less.

Quotes from last night "If you squint while hitting it just might work" " Baby I didn't say Sloan I said moan, I said moan" LMAO

Challenge Fight

Damnnnnn! These shows are pointless but fights make them funny. They could have put a patch over his eye or something his was eye closed shut, ouch...

Underworld > Twilight

Kate Beckinsale is the main reason...enough said

What Happened?

Im about a dollar WTF is 50 Cent?- Hov

His latest album is garbage! I only like the first track and I never really liked him lyrically. Really I stopped listening after the first album..smh. The hype machine has died and this album came out with no real drama linked to it.

Dream Fight Needs To Happen..ASAP

Only thing to talk about is money. No reason this fight shouldn't happen. The best pound for pound fighters ever in their prime. The sport is dying off slowly so this big bout will put a much needed charge in a dying battery. I wont lie I still watch the Mayweather-De la hoya 24/7's because it makes me laugh. I'm sure Floyd will have some crazy shit to say and Pacquaio will remain the good guy making it another reason to watch the fight. Only time will tell...for the record I say its going 12 with Floyd winning by split.

Popeyes Chicken and Fries

I know Im late posting this but like I said I'm catching up...

Favorite line -"Used to have this white bitch, she looked like Madonna though
Heard that she fuckin’ LeBron, but shit, I don’t know
Like that, Bron-Bron? I had that long time ago
Butt-nekkid, on the balcony at the Dallino"- Pusha T

It makes me laugh everytime.

BP3 Tour in March

I copped my ticket...its a while away but something to look forward to.


Maybe its just me..but unless you were friends with someone before I dated them, there is no real logical reason for you to have their number in your phone unless I gave the co-sign..WTF would you have to talk about anyway?... "bros before hoes" right?..I have respect for boundaries..Im just sayin...A lesson I have learned


Soon will you R.I.P. I have concluded that you are an even bigger headache than facebook... Twitter beef is lame...further more you are not important because you have a bunch of followers...smh you are just starving for attention. People read into alot of shit and when someone tells me I follow your relationship on twitter...that's a problem. Its a public forum and anything you say can be interpreted a certain way, some people like that when taking shots... I would prefer to make my shots direct...


This thing has caused me a few headaches recently...A problem I have is it is way to public and all this new shit they are doing is annoying.. I don't want to know who is friends with who unless I look at their page. People take it way to serious sometimes and try to read into things that aren't there. Itis fun to pass the time but I would much rather prefer a text message so that all 200 + friends don't know who I'm hanging out with..I'm just saying..

Commonwealth X Reebok 20 Anv Pump Colabo

We did another party the next night right after the 5 yr party for our colabo with Reebok on the 20 anv pumps. DJ Les ( Nas) was on the 1's and 2's. It was a good turnout free drinks and food always brings people out even if they were dumb wasted the night before. -Phrase of the night from me "Son did you come to the party last night" most times their response "Dog I dapped you up like twice lol" that's what happens when a bartender makes you a mystery drink....smh

The 5 Year Commonwealth Party

"None of us remember anything from last night remember" - Hangover

Its been a while since we did a big party we had a dope venue 9th Wonder and Stereo Faith were the DJ's im sure they killed it (I was zoned out all night). It was good to see the old crew and some old friends. VA lacks a scene so a party like this brings everyone together...good times more pics to come..

This Guy Rex...I mean Jay

Rex Grossman... I mean Jay Cutler needs to step his motherfuckin game up! His jersey is almost his average of interceptions a game...smh

Backtrack NYC Trip...

Its been a while so doing a little catching up. A few months ago I took my first trip to NYC, yeah I said it my first trip did I mention it was 9-11. I tried to fly out on 9-11 and of course luck would have it that my flight was delayed and delayed again and then was cancelled. I missed a crazy party that the homie Micah went too (still mad about that) but anyway I flew out the next day. I got NYC at 8:00 am and needless to say I didn't sleep for 48 hrs after. Since my trip was shortened I had to hit the streets. I only got to see a small portion of NYC but it was still worth it. The highlight of my trip was seeing Mos Def on governor's island I think it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. It made me think outside of the box and it was good to get out of VA. It was a bittersweet trip because it was the beginning to the end of something...peep the later posts for a follow up.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Its the Roc You Bastards( Shots Fired)

This Jay-z vs Beans beef in my mind was inevitable but at the same time its a waste of time. The Jay-z vs Nas beef was the best thing to happen to Jay because now all other diss records hold no weight due to the fact Nas set the bar so high. You may get a few words from Jay but you wont get a full record, that's why its a waste of time. Beans had somethings on his mind and he made a record about it(which was decent). In a few weeks after the dust settles it will be forgotten just like Games diss at Jay. Its not a battle unless you have a response. Lets be real Beans was forgotten about until he mentioned Hov's name. Now the streets are watching but hopefully he can capitalize on the buzz and make an album that is actually worth listening to. At the end of the day for 15 mins of fame mention Jay-z's name.


First of the month....back on my blog shit...lets go