Monday, November 30, 2009

Investing Time

"Time waits for no man"

I watched something on TV about how you invest your time. If you had a certain amount of money put into your account everyday and at the end of that day anything that you didn't spend would taken out of the account and you would be left at zero.

How would you spend that money? The same thing can be said about your time, we are given the same amount of time everyday how we use it is up to us. You don't get a refund on time no matter what. Focusing on things or people that don't matter is a waste of precious time. Being negative and angry is a waste of time and energy. It opened my mind to things that I waste my time with and from this day forward I'm trimming the fat on alot of the bs that takes up my time. If someone doesn't value your time why should you value theirs or even waste time focusing on them. In the long run it will be their loss because once your focus changes they are no longer needed. So in the end its best to invest in one else unless their investment is equal to yours.

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