Sunday, November 1, 2009

Its the Roc You Bastards( Shots Fired)

This Jay-z vs Beans beef in my mind was inevitable but at the same time its a waste of time. The Jay-z vs Nas beef was the best thing to happen to Jay because now all other diss records hold no weight due to the fact Nas set the bar so high. You may get a few words from Jay but you wont get a full record, that's why its a waste of time. Beans had somethings on his mind and he made a record about it(which was decent). In a few weeks after the dust settles it will be forgotten just like Games diss at Jay. Its not a battle unless you have a response. Lets be real Beans was forgotten about until he mentioned Hov's name. Now the streets are watching but hopefully he can capitalize on the buzz and make an album that is actually worth listening to. At the end of the day for 15 mins of fame mention Jay-z's name.

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