Monday, November 30, 2009

Becoming Jaded...

"If you did it I done it before, You get it I had it, I got mad at it and don't want it no more" Hovi Baby - Jay-z

It happens to the best of us. You may see something for the first time and think its beautiful or amazing, over time you start to look at it differently and it becomes less and less amazing and becomes something normal to you. It happens alot with relationships or just items that you once valued. For example if your dating a stunning beautiful woman, her beauty to you can often fade because you see them everyday until someone else shows interest. Once that happens it makes you feel a certain way when in fact you should feel that way all the time. The same can be said about a job or valuable items. Everyone is always on the search for whats new sometimes its best to value what you have...because once that item is gone, you might have a hard time getting it back...I'm trying to work on appreciating things like a blind man that gets his vision back..eyes wide open

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