Wednesday, June 18, 2008

NBA Finals 3 Superstars > Than 1 Superstar

The Boston Celtics rode their three All-Stars to their 17th championship on Tuesday night, blowing by the Los Angeles Lakers with a stunning show of second-quarter scoring to win 131-92 in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

This was the most lopsided game I've ever seen. After the second quarter I was begging for the scrubs to get playing time to keep the game a little more exciting hoping that the Lakers would make a run. But Mr Bryant just disappeared. The game started off like it was going to be close with Kobe hitting contested 3's and talking to the crowd like he just knew they would pull it off. The second quarter came along and all hell broke loose for the Lakers they couldn't buy a bucket and couldn't play defense. To sum it up for the Lakers this was a pathetic showing they must have left there A game back in L.A. because they showed up with their E- game at the worst time. I only feel sorry for Phil Jackson because the only way they would have won the series was to clone MJ and Pippen and maybe Luc Longley who is tougher than Gasol, I might add to even compete at the defensive end. The Big Three did what they were supposed to do win in Boston even though they had a tough road to the finals, which is mostly their faults by not putting (Atlanta and Cleveland) away in 4 or 6. It made them playoff tested I'm happy for KG the guy that deserved the ring the most. For Kobe, Odom and the rest of the L.A. Fakers better luck next year, the Western conference is up for grabs.

(Im not sure I like the Jungle Time theme is this subliminal because there are no white players that get p.t. on the Celtics it might be reaching but its Boston )

Now that this story is over I'm ready for the NBA draft to see what moves will be made this year. I hope some big draft day trades are upon us lets hope.

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