Monday, October 20, 2008

Max Payne Review

I went to see Max Payne last night even though I heard from others like Micah that it was wack. The visual aspect was cool even though I feel like Frank Miller should have done this movie. Mila Kunis was looking good as always, Nelly Fertado makes a little scene Luda needs a new acting coach and Mark played the role of a man who lost his family showing little or no emotion and he portrayed that well. I've seen worse movies so I don't rank it that low but it could have been better. If you like Constantine with Keanu Reeves you will like Max Payne.


LEX$ said...

i gotta disagree, Jus. i liked Constantine, i DIDN'T like this joint. i didn't almost fall asleep during Constantine, but i did during this. the visuals were alright, and i do agree, Frank Miller would have made this movie off the chain. but again this shouldn't have been a PG-13 flick. you had to be 18 to cop the game, so why not make it an R rated joint?

lalinajimson said...

Did you saw max payne. Oh boy it was the action movie I have seen for some time. Had enough for just firing guns around but after seen the movie I start loving action movies again. In the movie the way of story flowing is remarkable. Truly I enjoyed it grate success from the actor Mark Wahlberg. I saw it at