Saturday, November 1, 2008


I had a chance to hear Barack speak in person and I got a chill in my spine. Besides the 3 hour line and being outside in windy 45 degree weather it was worth every second of it. I had a beautiful woman in my presence that was down for it, major plus points in my book. The feeling I got from everything is that if you work hard and stay focused and put yourself around good people anything is possible. I might not a agree with all of his ideas or polices but no one is perfect. The one thing I agree with is the country needs change and our generation is the one that will pay for everything down the line. The Republicans have had 8 years of running the country into the ground and chance for 4 more isn't a good look. To keep a balance I think its time for a Democrat to take these major problems and solve them with a different point of view. That Democrat happens to be Barack Obama. If his name was Barry Olsen or Bob Owens these terrorist accusations would not occur.I'm tired of the race card if another person has a problem with blacks or minorities voting for a biracial candidate on the basis of their color tell me whats wrong with that you vote for who you identify with or believe in, and this time they have a chance to vote for some who goes through similar things they do on a day to day basis.At the rally I saw people from all over 20,000 people to be exact in the same place to see a man speak for 35mins. The political landscape has changed forever. Lets stick to the issues and vote for the things that matter its really time for change. Don't sleep in go and vote before work or skip work to vote because I don't think until I'm in my 40's or 50's will we ever see this again.

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