Thursday, September 18, 2008

Aubrey O'Day Complex Shoot

I posted this for obvious reasons but her face isnt one of them. She needs to work on the sexy face cuz its not working for me.
This is from the interview
So when people hear you're best friends with Jenna Jameson, they think—
Aubrey O'Day: —I'm going to do sex tapes and porn.

You seem to like to talk about sex.
Aubrey O'Day: I love porn.

Do you have a favorite star?
Aubrey O'Day: Jenna Jameson, obviously.

Is it weird watching your BFF?
Aubrey O'Day: I watched her before she was my BFF, I don't watch her anymore. I was actually masturbating one night to, like, Anal Sex Compilation #3 or whatever, and she was in it and I was like, "Oh no!" I had to turn it off. It was horrible.

Guys are always curious about girls and porn.
Aubrey O'Day: I usually watch black guys doing white girls, that's my little fetish. Really, I'm more turned on by watching the girls than the guys.

Diddy smashed.

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