Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vince Young WTF

The mother of Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young said he's "hurting inside and out" and indicated he might not want to play football any longer.

Felicia Young said in Wednesday editions of The Tennessean that her son is tired of all of the negativity he's faced after being booed during a 17-10 win Sunday over Jacksonville.

"It is hard, all he is going through right now. He's hurting inside and out," she told The Tennessean.

"But he will be fine if people are prayerful and help my baby boy out. He is a young man. He just needs a lot of love and support."

I became a Vince Young fan when he beat USC by himself but,this is a grown ass man who is payed alot of money to play a game. Its just a f*cking game. If you don't want to play then retire its that simple. He wins games but at the end of the day his QB skills are always going to be questioned. Learn to handle the pressure.

source ESPN

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micAh! said...

I feel ya homie... that nigga needs to grow a sack!