Friday, January 23, 2009

The Music Game

The hip hop game should have a draft to limit the garbage, because its starting to look like the college game with nothing but amateurs. Yeah you might be Hansbourgh on your block but you are not in the league with professionals. You have people from all over the country that think they are the next thing but aren't ready for the next level. Then you have old heads taking up space on rosters that need to retire. If you have been in the game for more than 5 years and owe dough just find another job. The magazines have lost clout and the blogs tell you who is hot right now. The music game in general is messed up. You can drop a classic and then get dropped from your label months later because last album didn't sell. I think the music heads and scouts at the labels should sit down together and think of a new way to market music so that the good hip hop artists have a chance to survive in the industry and bring creativity back. I hope 09 is a good year for classic albums instead of mixtapes.

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