Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reasons I Want To Delete My Myspace

Waste to much time going on it on a daily basis to check messages or comments.

Nosey people that assume things just because of comments left on your page.

Myspace beefing (subliminal quotes) when everyone knows who you are talking about.

Having to make your page private due to stalkers.

People that don't know you and want to add you for no damn reason when they live somewhere like Alaska.

Whats the point of a top friends list if you hang out with most of the people on it, if you are their friend you should know what they are up to.

People showing off and talking all this imaginary stuff on their page just for attention.

Just bored with it.

I've been talking about deleting it since the new year but haven't done it yet when this list grows to the point I really cant stand it, then my page will no longer exist.

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